The Original Mega Jump

The midwest’s largest & safest portable show ramp.

    • 6′ tall, 10′ wide, 12′ long
    • Extra safe landing area
    • Shows Performed: 1,000+

Space Requirements: 200′ by 15-20′ wide
(Basically a long runway for getting speed & stopping, even one half of a road works great, we’ve even used sidewalks in the past)

The Brand New BFJ – Yes, The Big Fun Jump

Arguably the largest box jump in the world.

    • 7′ tall launch, 10′ tall landing, 14′ wide, 12′ long
    • Extra safe landing area
    • Shows Performed: 250+

Space Requirements: 300′ by 40′ wide
(Basically a long runway for getting speed & stopping, we can pull off one half of a road with this ramp as well)

Dueling Launch Ramps – Both The Mega Jump and The BFJ Double Trouble

This is the most intense show you will ever see.

    • Two of the world’s largest portable box jumps
    • Extra safe landing areas
    • Shows Performed: 50+

Space Requirements: 300′ by 60′ wide (Side by side jumps) OR 400′ long by 30′ wide (One jump after the other)
(Basically a long runway for getting speed & stopping, the side by side setup will require a full road)

The LFJ – You got it, The Little Fun Jump

Our quickest & most portable ramp setup!

    • 4′ tall, 7′ wide, 5′ long
    • Can fit thru ANY doorway
    • Perfect Indoors, School Gyms, Courts, Stages
    • Shows Performed: 100+

Space Requirements: 80′ by 10′ wide
(Now we can perform ANYWHERE with this ultra-portable ramp! Tricks are more limited due to the smaller size of the jump, however we still go upside down!)

Padded Kids Jump! Bikes, Helmets, and a Jump & Padded Landing just for the Kids!

It’s fun watching the pros ride… But sometimes the kids want to ride too! Introducing our signature padded kids jump!

            • Full setup includes kids jump, padded landing, bikes, and helmets
            • All kids who want to ride must have a parent in person on site to sign a waiver
            • Kids have an opportunity to “Ride with The Pros” and learn together
            • Small ramp, very portable, indoor or outdoors
            • Kids Ramp Sessions: 50+

Space Requirements: 75′ by 15′ wide

Fat Bike Stunt Show… The Very First of It’s Kind. (Snow Required, Can Be Made)

The “Off Season” has just turned into the “On Season”. Only a Stunt Team that chooses to spend 6 months every year living on snow on ice in Minnesota would come up with an alternative show where they can now perform year round.

      • Introductions
      • Fat Bike Jumping Tricks
      • Grand Finale Back-to-Back “Train”
      • Meet & Greet Autograph Session
      • Shows Performed: 12+

Space Requirements: 200′ by 20′ wide

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Public Speaking & Flat Ground Shows (No Ramp)

Our most portable, flexible & affordable option yet… Meet the kids of our shows right at your own meeting space, including little 10 year old Reed Bleymeyer and his younger brother 7 year old Zander. Reed has over 1,000,000 views on YouTube and loves to share his story.

    • Introductions & Story
    • Demonstration & Flat Ground BMX Stunt Show
    • Grand Finale Jump
    • Meet & Greet Autograph Session
    • Shows Performed: 1,000+

Space Requirements: 20′ by 10′ wide (No ramp)

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