Gold Medal LIVE School Assembly

Meet Trevor Meyer… Chaska, Minnesota’s very own 3 Time X Games Gold Medalist.

Meet Dustin Grice… Eden Prairie, Minnesota’s very own BMX Pro featured in Nitro Circus and Explore Minnesota Tourism’s Super Bowl LII TV Commercial.

Together, the two local graduates have been performing at schools all across the country with ASA High School Tour’s Anti-Bullying Program, and now have been performing right here locally throughout their favorite state of Minnesota and would love to perform for your students…

School Assemblies, Church Bible Study, Cub Scout Packs, Corporate Events…

School Demo with ASA High School Tour

Watch The Video

Typical Experience Timeline

Our Introductions & Our Story (5-10 Minutes)
We love sharing our story, and the best part is every rider has a different story… For example read Dustin’s first sentence in the next section below:) We also always talk about important helmet & bicycle safety throughout our story.

Our Demonstration & BMX Stunt Show (10-15 Minutes)
We bring our bikes to all events and show the kids tricks right there on the flat ground. Simple tricks that we all learned right at home in our driveway… The “Bunny Hop”, the “Endo”, the “Wheelie”, the 180 and 360, and even riding the bike backwards called the “Fakie”. Worried about tire marks ? If any are left we rub them right off afterwards, we can give you any school gym references needed.

Our Grand Finale (5 Minutes)
Every show needs to end with a Grand Finale right ?? We end our shows with a very”epic” finale by jumping over Dustin & Trevor on the flat ground… This a very fun & dramatic skit for all of the kids. We can even jump over a staff member at school.

Meet & Greet and Free Autograph Cards for Everyone (5-30 Minutes)
After the kids roar & cheer after seeing the epic finale jump, we invite them all over to meet the riders:) We sign brand new autograph cards for everyone, you may even get one of 6 year old Isaac’s first autograph ever!

General Questions

Where can we perform?
Anywhere. However we are based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

What about the space required?
We can perform indoors or outdoors, school gymnasiums, school stages, hard carpet floors, sidewalks, streets, etc. Very flexible. A 10′ x 20′ space is usually the bare minimum space required.

Who all shows up?
Trevor and Dustin! Unless you would like a video filmed & edited for your school as well!

Bible Study in Eagan, MN

Meet & Greet with Trevor & Dustin

Meeting Trevor & Dustin is only one simple email away…

Contact Us if you’d like us to come to your school or Cub Scout Pack meeting, we are looking forward to meeting the kids!

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