Yes. A Fat Bike Stunt Show… The Very First of It’s Kind.

The “Off Season” has just turned into the “On Season”. Only a Stunt Team that chooses to spend 6 months every year living on snow on ice in Minnesota would come up with an alternative show where they can now perform year round.

The Perfect, Brand New, Outdoor Winter Entertainment

Red Bull Crashed Ice, Saint Paul

Typical Experience Timeline

Course Build (Half Day)
Every Course is completely different. It all depends on our weather, temperature, snow, etc.

Introductions (5 Minutes)
We kick off each show with a short Introduction for each rider. Some of the riders have been seen all over the state performing, and some even all over the world.

Fat Bike Jumping (15-20 Minutes)
This is where is all starts to happen. We start simple with basic tricks such as “no footers” and “no handers”, and work our way into 360’s and yes, even Fat Bike “Tail Whips”. There is only one rider worldwide who does tail whips on a fat bike, and yes it is included with your show.

Grand Finale (2 Minutes)
As we get down into the final moments of the show, we always like to end on a bang. All fat bikes will follow each other thru the course back to back, jump after jump… Maybe even upside down.

Do Fat Bikes Flip? Yes They Do!

Our Riders are not only some of the first Fat Bike Riders around the entire world to land the Backflip a Fat Bike, they are also the pioneers of just nearly every other Fat Bike Freestyle Air Trick being done today (which still no one is doing). This is Truly a Very Unique Experience.

General Questions

Where can we perform?
Anywhere. However we are based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

What about the space required?
A Fat Bike Show is intended for outdoor events, snow is required as well.

How many riders show up?
Generally 3-4 Riders, and 1 Emcee. We provide our P/A System and Music as well. Every event is hosted by Pro BMX Rider Dustin Grice.

Who Shot These Photos?
Nick Johnson of 144 Visuals

Meeting Our Fat Family is only one simple email away…

We are just as excited as you are to connect about our Fat Bike Show. Meeting our Team is only one email away, Contact Us if you’d like more information, check availability/dates, etc. Thank you so much for considering us at your next event, Chat Soon!

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